Where The Rubber Meets The .... "Water"!

Company History

Conveyor & Rubber Resources was formed in 2005. Following the experience of the founder, the focus of the company was supplying industry with mechanical rubber products, conveyor belts and conveyor accessory products. 

In 2008, the company was presented with a unique opportunity to develop a new product for a growing market.

The product is an economical rubber/plastic sheet used for lining irrigation canals, flumes, ponds and ditches. Testing has shown that the service life is at least twenty years and most likely over 30 years. We have numerous successful installations in the Pacific Northwest with the earliest in it's ninth season with no reported failures.

There are many sources for existing rubber products and conveyor belts but only one source for this proprietary rubber/plastic liner material. We look forward to being a part of the solution to the coming water issues that are in the news daily.


Please visit our website for complete information and photos of some of our liner installation projects.

Skidmark Geomembrane